Tech Spec

Below you'll find a list of the equipment we use at The Boileroom, it's updated regularly, so contact us via, or call the office (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) 01483 440022.

Front of House:
EM Acoustics EMS-215 Subs x 2 (FOH)
EM Acoustics EMS-159 Mid/Tops x 2 (FOH)
EM Acoustics AQ-10 Amp (FOH)
XTA-224 Processor (FOH)

Midas Pro1 Console (24 channel)

Proel 32 channel Stage Box

8 Way Remote Stage Box

Turbosound TFM450 Bi-Amped Speaker x 4 (Mons)

Yamaha T5N Amplifier (1350w x2 @ 8ohms) x 4 (Mons)

BSS miniDrive Processor x2 (Mons)

DJ Equipment:
Technics 1210's x 2
Denon DX300 and a Numark X9 Mixers

Shure BETA 58 x 4
Shure BETA 57 x 3
Shure SM58 x 2
Audix DP5 Series Drum Mic Collection x 1
SE Electronics SE1a Condenser Microphone x 1
Sennheiser E606 Instrument Mic x 1
Audiotechnica Pro 35X Mic x 1
BSS AR133 DI Box x5
Behringer Stereo DI Box x1

Range of assorted sized mic stands and cables

*Stage Specification:
Height: 43cm x Length: 4m92 x Width: 4m25

Stage Lighting & Visual Specifications

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