Poppy is an Abstract Artist-Jeweller, synesthete, bassist, editor of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery's Findings Magazine and F1 Fan, born in Guildford in 1974.

She specialises in making jewellery inspired by the abstract shapes and colours of her synaesthetic inner landscape. Her artistic practice explores her visual and emotional response when she listens to music. She then shares this inner landscape in her jewellery and painting, creating abstract and colourful forms and images to turn her visual impressions of music in to objects of desire.

She never makes the same thing twice and often explores an idea through many iterations taken from one initial sketch. These become fascinating objects to explore, wear and express yourself with.
Poppy often works with clients to make highly personalised jewellery based on their favourite music.

Studio visits are by appointment only please contact Poppy to arrange a time: []( 07941117782
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