Dispersal Policy

General Statement

The purpose of this document is to set out the steps The Boileroom and it's staff  take  at the end of the trading session to minimise the potential for disorder and disturbance as customers leave the premises.


  • Promote Safety on leaving, for example through operating a concierge service and providing a safe, quiet place for customers to wait for taxis (foyer).

  • Dedicated taxi service set up with local taxi firms, no sounding of horns, and a quick turn up time.

Road Safety

  • As the venue exits onto a public highway, venue staff / door team will encourage the separation of customers and traffic.

Car Parking

  • The venue advises customers of the available car parks to use, away from residential areas (through the website www.theboileroom.net and on printed material) so that they leave in a direction with minimum disturbance to local residents.


  • During the last half hour of trading, some staff are to be reallocated to collect glasses or work in other areas. This will assist customer departure and reduces the potential for people to cause disturbance on exiting the venue.

Lighting (external)

  • Operators have found that the use of bright lights at the exit of the venue encourages customers to leave more quietly. We are currently looking at our options regarding upgrading our lighting systems outside.

Minimising Noise on Exit

  • When appropriate, a manager will be in the area close to the main exit to oversee the end of night departure period. Announcements to remind customers to be considerate on leaving the premises, and extra highly visible notices to be placed in the foyer requesting exiting customers to leave quietly and to respect neighbours and their properties.

Bottles or glasses

  • Signage notifying customers they will not be allowed to leave the premises with bottles or polycarb glasses. This policy is supported by a vigilant door team searching customers where necessary. If appropriate, bins can be provided at exits for use by customers.


  • "Rubbish Patrol" following closure. This patrol  pick up bottles, flyers, food wrappings etc in the immediate vicinity of the premises. As well as clearing rubbish, the patrol acts as another set of eyes and ears identifying potential disorder. Their activity, particularly sweeping the pavement, will also encourage customers to vacate the area outside the premises.

Door staff, and box office where appropriate

Our door team play a key role in the implementation of several aspects of our dispersal policy:

  • Encouraging customers to progress to the exits within the venue.
  • Drawing the attention of exiting customers to the notices in the foyer and asking them to be considerate;
  • Ensuring the removal of all bottles and polycarb glasses from departing customers;
  • Actively encouraging customers not to congregate outside the venue; and
  • Directing customers to the nearest taxi ranks or other transportation away from the area.


  • A Marshall is a patrolling security officer wearing high visibility clothing, who works close to the venue in a designated area and is in direct communication with the venue management. The aim is to create a highly visible presence and to communicate with patrons and management.
  • Marshalls aiding in customer dispersal on busy nights, directing customers away from Stoke Fields, Artillery Terrace and Church Rd.

For more information please contact info@theboileroom.net


Please be aware there is no cloakroom at the venue, and any items left unattended are at the customer's own risk.

Any possessions that are found left behind at the end of an event will be held at The Boileroom for a period of three months unless claimed by their owner. If you believe you have left something behind at the venue, either email info@theboileroom.net; or call the office (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) on 01483 440022 to make enquiries.

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